A. F. Tenney Canning Company

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California Fruit Canners Association

The A. F. Tenney Canning Company was a Fresno-based canner run by A.F. Tenney and James Madison. Tenney came to Fresno to form the Fresno Fruit and Raisin Packing Company with Madison. That company disappeared in 1893, but the principals formed the cannery soon after. The company was merged into the California Fruit Canners Association in 1899.

Tenney himself left two years before the merger under awkward circumstances; an article in the San Francisco Call notes:[1]

Fresno, Cal., July 13: A. F. Tenney is no longer manager of the A. F. Tenney Canning Company. His retirement from the company has not been generally known, although it is now over six months since he severed his connection with it. And he did this in such an unceremonious manner that it was about three months afterwards before the firm knew of his departure. James Madison is managing the fruit cannery this season... he was at a loss to account for the strange departure of Tenney, who is now sojourining in Southern England, his native home... he had left suddenly with the intention of never returning. He had transferred his stock in the canning company to another person in San Francisco. Mrs. Tenney is still in the bay city, and it seems that the departure of her husband was as unexpected to her as anyone else. In fact it is believed that the cause of Tenney's strange action was domestic trouble.


Location Years Address Details
Fresno 1893-1899