Alfonso Lambrosa

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Alfonso Lambrosa

Alfonso Lambrosa was a food importer and San Jose cannery investor in the early 1920's.

Lambrosa was an investor in the Salsina Packing and Canning Company. His intent was to slow the import of tomato paste from Italy, and instead make it in the United States[1]:

“This country sends every year about seven million dollars to Italy for tomato paste, which is used in macaroni,” said Lambrosa today. “There is no reason why this money should not be kept in this country, and we propose to do what we can to keep it here. We now have one large paste factory operating in New York, near Poughkeepsie, and this will be our second factory. When we start making paste we will give employment to a considerable number of people. Before we stop we may be making other things. There is no reason why macaroni can’t be made here. All we need is a dry climate and some fine hard wheat and California has both. It is possible we will start such a factory, but we won’t now for it is our policy not to have too many irons in the fire at once.”

Lambrosa and Frank Aiello (founder of the Contadina Cannery) may have been joint investors in the Southfield Realty Company[2]. An Alfonso Lambrosa may have been involved with the Brooklyn Macaroni Co., he shot himself in 1935[3]. His daughter, Rose Lambrosa, later ran the Brooklyn Macaroni Co.[4].


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