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Main Location

San Jose

The American Fruit Product Company was a Rochester, New York-based wholesaler who operated fruit drying plants in San Jose, Winters, and Vacaville[1]dried fruit processor with a plant in San Jose during 1907-1908. An advertisement in the July 12, 1908 San Jose Mercury and Herald describes them as the "Pacific Coast Branch", "located in the Ernst Luehning Packing House, at San Carlos and Narrow Gauge R. R., are prepared to handle all varieties of dried fruit[2]. R.A. Howard was the manager in 1909[3]. The company apparently existed as late as 1915, appearing in a list of canners in San Jose named in a plan to dredge the Guadalupe River for easier navigation[4].

Few other mentions exist for the company, apart from a generically-worded Supreme Court decision in United Surety Co. vs American Fruit Product[5].

It's unclear whether the company was a takeover of the Luehning packing houses, or a cooperative venture.


Location Years Address Details
San Francisco 1908 210 California St.[6]
San Jose 1907-1909 San Carlos and Narrow Gauge Ry Former Luehning packing house.
Vacaville, CA 1908
Winters, CA 1908


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