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Main Location


1906 - 1936

Bohemian, Calfruit, Calico, Gondolier, Precita, Snow Peak

Precita Canning Company

Sutter Packing.

Bayside Canning Company was a large cannery in Alviso, California, starting as a tomato cannery, but eventually specializing in asparagus. The company was founded by Thomas Foon Chew, who had taken over his father's San Francisco-based Precita Canning Company. (A separate story, mentioned in a history essay, claims that Thomas's father, Sai Yin Chew, rebuilt the cannery but that Thomas joined soon after and helped it expand[1].) Bayside hired exclusively Chinese and Chinese-American workers through the 1920's[2]

The company also had a cannery in Mayfield[3]. That cannery, founded in 1918, packed tomatoes. In 1921, the Mayfield cannery packed 50,000 cases of tomatoes - the largest tomato pack that year for the valley[4].

Thomas Foon was vice president and manager in 1920[5]; Walter M. Field & Company was the distributor for the company in 1922.

Thomas died in 1931 at the age of 42. The Mayfield cannery was sold to Sutter Packing in 1933[6]; the Alviso cannery closed in 1936.


Location Years Address Details
Alviso 1906-1936 1200 Hope Street at Elizabeth.
Mayfield 1918-1931 Portage Ave. Became Sutter Packing.


Bayside Canning, recent photo of abandoned building


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