Berger, Fleming and Brown

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Main Location

San Jose

Berger, Fleming and Brown was a manufacturer of canning and dehydrating machinery, spun off from Berger and Carter in December 1920[1] The company combined parts of Berger and Carter's existing canning machinery business while buying two other businesses during 1920. The company combined B&C Machinery Company of Hayward (Berger and Carter's canning machinery subsidiary), Smith Manufacturing, Wonder Dehydrating Company of San Francisco (makers of the "Wonder" portable and custom dehydrators under the Hammond Process patent), and National Axle corporation (truck axle makers). The Hayward B&C plant was moved to Smith Manufacturing's plant on Stockton Ave. in San Jose. Smith Manufacturing was bought about the same time.

News reports claimed that Smith Manufacturing's plant on Stockton would be used to fabricate wood parts, while iron parts would be done at National Axle's plant near Luna Park.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1921 - 120-138 Stockton Ave.
San Jose 1921 North 13th Street[2] "Just north of the city limits". Near Luna Park.


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