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1919 - 1930's

California Canneries Company, California Cooperative Canneries

Payne Cannery

The California Canneries Corporation was a successor to Campbell's Payne Cannery and present in Campbell and San Jose from 1919 through the 1930s. The former Payne cannery was overhauled in the spring of 1919, and was planning on canning apricots and tomatoes[1] An ad later that year solicited for workers for bartless pears and later tomatoes. [2].

A 1922 Canner's directory shows only facilities in San Francisco and Campbell[3].

The company existed at least into the early 1930's, as the name appears on a Southern Pacific list of sidings from 1931. The plant appeared to be just north of the Ainsley cannery.

The company is unrelated to the Central California Canneries run by Isodor Jacobs which merged into Del Monte, or the California Cooperative Canneries funded by Armour. A 1921 San Francisco City Directory lists California Canneries Co. as owned by Isodor Jacobs and having a plant at 800 Minnesota at 18th in San Francisco; it's unclear if this is a reference to Central California Canneries, or a new company started by Jacobs after the Del Monte buyout[4].


Location Years Address Details
Campbell 1919-1931 Harrison Ave

In part of Ainsley cannery. Phone: Campbell 24.

San Francisco 1922[5]