California Cured Fruit Exchange

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1912 - 1916

The California Cured Fruit Exchange was a dried fruit grower's cooperative to control sale prices. The organization was started in 1912 in the northern Sacramento Valley, initially with 6 local associations[1] but expanding to 25 local associations. J. P. Dargitz, formerly of the California Almond Growers' Exchange, was the initial manager[2]; he was solicited to form the Exchange when several exchanges found they could not sell their crop at a sane price[3]. The article goes into serious detail on the operations of the exchange.</ref>. In its initial year, the exchange had control of fifty cars of dried fruit to sell. The next general manger, H. M. Ellis, left in March 1916 to work with Charles Virden at the California Fruit Distributors[4].

The association hit problems in 1916 and disappeared soon after. One likely cause for the failure was that the Exchange could not gain a large enough fraction of the market to control the prices, which the president of the association claimed[5]. The former secretary and treasurer for the association, Samuel Otis Walker, claimed ownership that he had lent money to the organization and placed liens against Exchange property, while the growers argued that Walker has misappropriated $98,000 of the Exchange's money[6]. A. & C. Ham bought equipment from their Emeryville plant in 1917 according to report of packing house fire in 1917. However, the exchange still managed to become "the most extensive cooperative dried fruit packing and marketing association up to that time"[7].


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