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California Fruit Distributors was a Sacramento-based marketing and auction company representing several dried and fresh fruit packers. The company billed itself as a "shipper's organization"[1].

In 1902, it represented the Earl Fruit Company (based in Sacramento), Producers' Fruit Company (Sacramento), Pioneer Fruit Company (Sacramento), A. Block Fruit Company (Santa Clara), George H. Anderson (San Jose), George D. Kellogg and son (Newcastle, CA), W. J. Wilson and son (Newcastle), Schnabel Bros & Co (Newcastle), Silva-Bergtholdt (Newcastle), Newcastle Fruit Co (Newcastle), Frank H. Buck (Vacaville), Vacaville Fruit Company (Vacaville), Pinkham & McKevitt (Vacaville), and the Penryn Fruit Company (Penryn). Pacific Fruit Exchange was mentioned in at least one ad.

A schism erupted in 1913 when company (and their eastern backers) wanted distribution centralized through Atlantic Fruit Distributors, and Pioneer refused. The secretary of California Fruit Distributors (McKevitt) backed down; Charles Virden, who had run fruit packing houses in the northwest, took over the secretary's role. By 1921, the company list still included the Earl Fruit Company, McKevitt, Newcastle, Penryn, Silva-Bergholdt, Wilson, and the Vacaville Fruit Company. It also included three new companies: Charles E. Virden (Virden Packing) and Western Fruit Company.


Location Years Address Details
Sacramento 1012 Second Street[2]
Sacramento 1921 Fourth and J Streets


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