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San Jose


California Pine Box and Lumber Company

California Pine Box Distributors was a California-based cooperative supplying box-making materials to canneries throughout the west. Western Canner and Packer declares it had 22 members ranging from Klamath Falls to Central California[1]. The company appears to have worked with multiple lumber mills[2][3]

The company previously existed as the California Pine Box and Lumber Company, but incorporated under the California Pine Box Distributors name in 1918[4]. In 1922, the officers were: Oliver Hasslett, president; C. R. Wisdom, vice president; H. W. Templeman, secretary and treasurer; and George F. Martin, local manager.

The company existed as late as 1961[5].

In 1922, the company produced 10,000 cars of output, 250,000 feet of shook, and 80,000,000 boxes, That work represented 7% of the entire manufacturing output of California. Canned goods were responsible for twelve million boxes, dried fruit 12.5 million, cantaloupes six million, and wine grapes twenty million. Between three hundred and five hundred carloads of shook was shipped to the Imperial Valley. In 1922, the company had distribution sites in Sacramento, San Jose, Watsonville, Fresno, Los Angeles, Brawley.


Location Years Address Details
Sacramento 1938 1401 Front St.[6]
Sacramento 1922 4th and R Streets[7]
San Francisco 1919 1019 First National Bank Building<ref>Advertisement, April 26, 1919 California Fruit News.
San Jose 1917 353 North San Pedro Street


Sacramento branch, 1401 Front Street. Via Sacramento Room, Sacramento Public Library.


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