Di Fiore Canning Company

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Business Details
Primary Town San Jose
Primary Business Cannery
Dates 1913-1940



Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1913-1940 San Carlos St. at Leigh Ave.


Di Fiore house, Stevens Creek Road John C. Gordon Panoramic Collection, San Jose State University


Stevens Creek at Leigh. 1915 Sanborn shows it immediately opposite Porter (Leigh) Avenue 1922 distributor Walter M. Field & Company, San Francisco.

March 21, 1939 San Jose News article on Charlie Lum, watchman at cannery, says that he'd worked for Dominic DiFiore when he worked for [California Packing Corporation], and came along to DiFiore when DiFiore started the company.

Fire destroyed the cannery on or before July 24, 1915 according to Insurance Press and article in San Jose Evening News, July 24 1915 Temporary structure would be built for peach chop.

Closed in 1940, torn down for subdivision in 1950.

San Francisco Call, October 25, 1895 : "Fruit warehouse of Frank D. Fiore at Berryessa burned at an early hour this morning. About five carloads of prunes were destroyed."

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