Edenvale Fruit Company

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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

Edenvale, CA

1903 - 1917

The Edenvale Fruit Company was a dried fruit packer located eight miles south of San Jose in the hamlet of Edenvale. The company was incorporated in 1903 by Mrs. M. H. Cheynoweth, E.A and J.O. Hayes, William P. and E.C. Lyon, and M.B. and C.L.Hayes[1]. The company built a brick packing house and warehouse at Edenvale[2][3]. William P. Lyon, founder in 1903 with Hayes Brothers, was the business manager for Mercury Publishing, indicating his ties with the Hayes's. Lyon became president of the company in 1911. The company operated fruit ranches as well as packing house [4]. in 1904. Lyon sold his orchards to Norman Church. The plant employed an engineer in 1908[5].

Just after World War I, the plant was sold to Sanitary Fruit Company [6], then to was probably sold to Richmond Chase around 1918.

The packing house was next to the Edenvale station, which had a passenger shelter, packing house, and a warehouse[7]. The building burned down in 1952.


Location Years Address Details
Edenvale 1903-1907 Saddlebrook Drive Rancho Santa Teresa Mobile Estates. Aerial photos seem to show packing house there.


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