Edmund Nutting Richmond

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Edmund Nutting Richmond
Employer Richmond Chase
Occupation Dried fruit packer

Edmund Nutting Richmond ("Ed") was a San Jose dried fruit packer and businessman. Richmond started in the dried fruit business working for J. K. Armsby in 1902[1] and managed the company's Santa Clara valley packing house. In 1916, Richmond decided to strike out on his own, leasing the former Hayes dried fruit packing house in Edenvale[2]. Within three years, Richmond joined with Elmer Chase to form the new Richmond Chase company which grew into a large dried fruit packer and canner. Richmond also owned orchard and ranch land in the Santa Clara valley.

Richmond lived at the corner of Asbury and Myrtle in San Jose.

A strange poem suggests he once rescued Dorothy Gish, a movie star, from a car accident[3].


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