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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

San Jose


California Prune and Apricot Growers, Alba Canning Company

F.H. Holmes was a dried fruit packer in San Jose, operating from 1892 through 1917. The company was busy, packing 160 carloads of fruit in its final year[1].

Holmes acted as a receiving station for the California Cured Fruit Association in 1900[2], and for the California Prune and Apricot Growers in their first season in 1917[3].

Holmes sold to the fledgling California Prune and Apricot Growers in 1918. News articles suggest that the plant was bought was part of an agreement with the independent packer, and that Sunsweet was immediately going to sell the property to Anthony Greco for his Alba Canning Company[4].

Holmes was born in San Francisco in 1865, and moved to San Jose in 1886 to manage his uncle's ranch on Morrill Road in Berryessa. He was also an early automobile owner, and one of the first owners of a Stanley Steamer in the Santa Clara Valley. He also manufactured Sunset automobiles in San Francisco in 1905, and moved production to San Jose after the 1906 earthquake and fire. He sold the company in 1912[5].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1900, 1917 8th and Jackson


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