Griffin and Skelley

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Business Details



Location Years Address Details
Fresno 1900 ???
Morgan Hill 1906 ???
San Francisco 1908 16 California Street
San Jose 1900, 1904, 1906, 1907 Cahill St. at San Fernando St.
San Jose 1915 76 Bush Street
Visalia 1900 ???


Del Monte predecessor; started in oranges in Riverside, moved on to raisins and prunes. "California canned and dried fruit.". In 1902, "dried fruit packers." Los Altos history has more.

June 25, 1903 San Jose Evening News Another packing house in the neighbrhood of the narrow gauge depot will be improved. Griffin and Skelley are building another story on their plant.

August 5, 1905: article on page 12 about Griffin and Skelley's new cannery in Emeryville.