King-Morse Canning Company

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Main Location

San Francisco, CA

Charles J. King Company

San Jose Fruit Packing, California Fruit Canners Association.

King-Morse Canning Company was an early San Francisco-based canner operated by by Charles J. King "of William" and Issac Harrison Morse. King had operated the Charles J. King Company (Williams & Co?), an early canner founded in San Francisco in the 1870's; Morse appears to have been a wholesaler[1].

The company was sold to the San Jose Fruit Packing Company in 1885[2], and later folded into the California Fruit Canners Association.


Location Years Address Details
San Francisco 1901
San Leandro 1901


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  2. Issac H. Morse Scrapbook: San Francisco, 1870-1915: Bancroft library. Index entry mentions that Morse saved May 16, 1885 announcement that his company had been acquired by the San Jose Fruit Company. Morse had been working for King-Morse in 1883.