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| primary_town = San Jose
| primary_town = San Jose

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Main Location

San Jose


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1928-1945 Moorpark Avenue, west of Meridian.


Larson made the first orchard ladders in 1897 based on the needs of his orchard on Saratoga Avenue

Article in August 6, 1928 San Jose News Made orchard ladders, washboards, and other wooden items. Pretty sizeable company; Richard Wright remembered them. An April 16, 1941 San Jose News article indicated there were 108 workers in an article about unionization. They struck the next month. There were 20-40 workers in 1928.

Getting space in Laurelwood Farms industrial area in Santa Clara in article on November 1, 1945 San Jose News January 21, 1935: finished a two story building.