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1882 - 1888

Los Gatos Canning Company

Hunt Brothers Packing Company

The Los Gatos Fruit Packing Company was an early fruit canner in Los Gatos, CA. The company was founded in 1882 by fourteen Los Gatos residents Officers were Samuel Templeton, president; James E. Gordon, secretary: J. W. Lyndon, treasurer; Robert Walker and Michael Miller, directors[1]. The initial plant a 60 x 80 foot building was on North Santa Cruz Ave between Bean Ave. and Main Street, with the buildings eventually extending all the way to Lyndon Ave; that initial plant could handle about 5,000 cases of fruit in a season. In 1882, the company made its own cans - 3500 a day - on the upper floor of the cannery. The cannery could produce 3000 cans of fruit per day with 45 staff, and planned to increase its output to 10,000 cans per day. Mr. Groom was the supervisor[2]. The company shipped 18 cars of canned fruit in the 1886 season[3]. The first incarnation of the company went bankrupt in 1888.

Los Gatos Fruit Packing Company was then bought by by San Francisco-based D. L. Beck and Son, which added a spur connecting it to the railroad and increased production to 50,000 cases of fruit annually, employing 250 to 300 workers during the peak season. [4]. George H. Hooke was the superintendent of the cannery in 1892, and bought the company in 1894[5].

The cannery was sold by Hooke to Hunt Brothers Packing Company in 1906[6][7][8]; Hunts moved the plant to the northeast corner of Santa Cruz and Saratoga Ave. in 1907, and doubled the plant's capacity.

Peaches were a common crop for the cannery, both in early days and in early days and as late as the early 1930's[9]. A 1904 article notes that at least some of the product was being sold to Europe[10].

The 1907-era buildings may still exist, repurposed as stores on the northeast corner of Santa Cruz and Saratoga.


Location Years Address Details
Los Gatos None Santa Cruz Avenue
Los Gatos 1890, 1893, 1907 57 N. Santa Cruz Avenue (1890, 1893, 1907) (Los Gatos Canning Company)


Sketch of plant, 1900


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