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Main Location

San Jose




Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1943, 1944, 1945 631 Sunol Avenue (1943, 1944, 1945)
Building permit dated 1943 available from sjpermits.org.
San Jose 1944 1440 South First Street
San Jose 1944 2000 E. San Antonio Street
San Jose 1946- South First Street

Bisceglia Brothers plant. Purchased 1948.

San Jose 1964-1990's 2070 South Seventh Street
Santa Clara 825 Campbell Ave.

Private refrigerated warehouse.

Santa Clara 1964 Campbell Avenue at Franklin

Walut division.


The Mayfair Packing Company was founded in 1931 by Joseph Perrucci. Mr. Perrucci was born on Delmas Avenue in San Jose, California and began his career in the canning industry working for the California Packing Corporation. The Mayfair Packing Company became a partnership in 1938 when Frank I. DiNapoli joined the organization. In 1948 Mayfair acquired the facilities of the old Bisceglia Brothers plant on South First Street for their Sun Garden operation. Mayfair packed under its own labels, "Sugaripe", "Saratoga" and "Farmkist".

Perrucci family San Jose: Mayfair neighborhood on east side (community center supposedly next to "old Mayfair packing house" - closed in 1993 according to San Jose Mercury News).

Tried to sell 631 Sunol Street operation in 1942, but Homer Hamlin and R.S. Butler who had leases on the drying yard protested.