Mission Valley Canning Company

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Main Location

San Jose

Greco Canning Company

Mission Valley Canning Company was a San Jose-based vegetable cannner, incorporated in 1944, and gone by 1982. Mission Valley used the former Greco Canning Company plant on Howard Street at Los Gatos Greek. A video of the site in 1963 shows industrial buildings and windows in the background which may be the Anderson Barngrover/FMC site.

Mission Valley appeared to be a vegetable-only canner; the Mission Valley label was for vegetables only. In a newspaper interview in 1945, they were asked (and denied) they were canning pears that year. The company also had a 1950's era patent for a method for staking beans[1].In 1947, Mission Valley was looking for experienced tomato peelers for the night shift, "cafe and bus service, pleasant working conditions."

The company's logo was a wooden signpost, registered in 1962.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1945, 1964 Howard and Autumn


  1. Patent for stake-setting mechanism filed, Joseph Toselio, San Jose, assigned to Mission Valley. Patent #2,851,248.