Penniman Fruit Company

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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

San Jose


The Penniman Fruit Company was a dried fruit packer in San Jose. The company founder was Luther E. Penniman, Arthur Conley Penniman[1], and Geo. A. Penniman. Arthur Conley Penniman had 20 acre orchard in Willow Glen where he built a dryer. The company was listed as a fruit packer in 1893, and fruit dryer in 1896

The elder Penniman had been an immigrant from the east, driving a light wagon from the Missouri River to Placerville in 51 days. He also invented the "Ferris Wheel" style prune dryer, used in Watsonville for apples by Castle Brothers[2][3].

The company was starting a cannery in 1893[4].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose Willow St. Near Guadalupe River
San Jose 1896 Willow near Minnesota Avenue
Santa Maria 1893


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