San Jose Dried Fruit Company

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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

San Jose

Stillman A. Moulton drying yard

San Tomas Drying Company

The San Jose Dried Fruit Company was a dried fruit packer in the San Jose area, incorporated in 1891 by W.H. Wright, Stillman A. Moulton, Silas N. Johnson, Henry Ward Wrights, and Bernard D. Murphy with $200,000 in capital stock[1][2]. City directories list the company as run by Stillman A. Moulton, suggesting either the company was just the corporate name for his drying yard, or that it was a separate business operating in the same location. The location and dates imply the company's plant was later used by the San Tomas Drying Company from 1900 through at least 1907. According to comments in Moulton's biography, the packing house itself probably had a spur on the South Pacific Coast railroad.

Directory of Tufts graduates from 1905 lists Colonel Philo Hersey as the president in 1905; no other evidence exists of his participation.

Location according to


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1891, 1896, 1898 Bascom Avenue at Hamilton[3][4]