Santa Clara County Fruit Union

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Dried Fruit Packer,Cooperative
Main Location

San Jose

The Santa Clara County Fruit Union was a San Jose-based cooperative dried fruit packing and marketing organization, apparently organized in September 1899[1]. Several cooperatives were formed during the 1890's; the Santa Clara Valley Fruit Exchange was affiliated with several of the other cooperatives, but the Santa Clara County Fruit Union appears to have stood apart[2]. The Union was also a delivery point for fruit for the California Cured Fruit Union during the 1900 season[3].

The organization's secretary in 1900 was W. P. Cragin<ref>Letter to the Editor: May 5, 1900 Pacific Rural Press.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1902, 1904, 1906 Ryland near San Pedro 1902 San Jose City Directory