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  • ...industry in 1895 by opening a second centralized auction house in New York City to sell California fruit<ref> UNION FRUIT SALESROOM: Resolutions Are Adopte
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  • ...d by [[Marco Fontana]], an Italian immigrant from Genoa by way of New York City. Fontana was initially a fruit broker and shipper operating as [[G Ginoccch ...oa, in 1849. In 1860, his family migrated to New York; in 1867 he left New York alone, and tried his luck in the mines of California. Quickly disillusioned
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  • in 1917 for the better growing season, but maintained their farm in New York<ref>[ Paolo's restaurant history]</ref>. ...Aiello Canning company's plant located at Moorpark and Race streets. The new owners are large manufacturers of tomato products, and they indend to incre
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  • ...the land. The machinery or making paste has already been shipped from New York. right away. There will also be sewer connections made at once. The new factory will be sanitary in every detail. Herbert said yesterday he had be
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  • ...ton, Minneapolis, and in several places in California<ref>May 20, 1903 New York Times article. </ref>. ...&cl=search&d=SFC18980928.2.69&srpos=1&e=-------en--20--1--txt-IN-%22garden+city+packing%22----# September 28, 1898 San Francisco Call ]
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  • 1902 San Francisco City Directory]</ref>. ...nd the California Selling Company, San Francisco, was recently in New York City on a tour of the east.".</ref><ref>[
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  • San Jose, where products of the Santa Clara valley will be handled. The new company will handle principally dried fruits, which will be sold in the com ...erican%20fruit%20product%22%20san%20jose&f=false Polk's 1909-1910 San Jose City Directory]. "American Fruit Product Co., San Jose branch.</ref>. The comp
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  • ...e can well believe it as one walks about the streets of the little orchard city. And what a variety of them there are! There is the city girl, who takes it all as a lark, and , it is feared, is a little more afra
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  • ...hambers, ice-making machinery, and handling sheds<ref>Pre-cooling Opens Up New Vistas of Fruit Prosperity: [ ...icots sold for 5 cents each in New York<ref>Apricots Sell High in New York City: [
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  • ...anneries]] and the [[Pacific Seeded Raisin Company]]<ref>Armsby Co. of New York. In [ Marysville, Los Angeles, Gilroy, Yuba City, Stockton, Ventura, and
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  • ...d been built and run by the Aiello family since 1917, but disappeared from city directories in 1919 only to appear again as Hershel California in 1920, wit The headquarters was San Jose, with branch offices in San Francisco and New York. The company canned many products. A 1920 ad noted that they canned fruit
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  • ...Campbell<ref>Deed dated March 13, 1934 (book 675, pg 554)</ref>, with the new cannery first processing prunes brought in from Brentwood<ref>June 20, 1934 ...d property.</ref>. By 1938, the Taylor Street plant no longer appeared in city directories. Drew operated through World War II, placing ads for workers<r
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  • Greater New York]. Schuckl and Company, Mr. W. A. Wiley, Manager, 100 Hudson St. California ...rce Designations for Southwood and Fairorchard Neighborhoods (2008-0296)], City of Sunnyvale, May 12, 2009.</ref>. Fred Drew was the manager of both the
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  • ...refrigerator manager hinted that Stewart was being inspired by Santa Fe's new push. Both principals were also former employees of Earl Fruit. Lyons had ...cherries in 1920, with one boxcar from San Jose selling for $8,280 in New York<ref>[
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  • ...."</ref>. Rosenberg Brothers also entered the bean market in 1917<ref>Big New Factor in the Bean Business: [ ...ocks at Oakland, and promised to ship 50,000 tons of fruit a year from the new warehouses<ref>Mel Scott, [
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  • ...King's Handbook of the United States], Moses King Publishers, Buffalo New York, 1891.</ref>. In 1899, Code-Portwood apparently considered joining the [[C 1893 San Francisco City Directory]. Philip Code ran the company, James Code was superintendent, Ch
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  • ...ent from Feb. 11, 1920 Modesto Evening News requesting subscribers for the new Cooperative cannery at Visalia.]] ...ette.</ref>. Sapiro was counsel for [[Sunsweet]] and described in the New York World as "the genius of cooperative marketing". He certainly became an opp
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