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Tamal Packing, George N. Herbert Packing Company

Stokely Van Camp was an east coast based canner. Van Camp moved into the California market by opened operations in California in 1922 starting negotiations to buy three canneries. They purchased four plants: the Tamal Packing plant in San Francisco, George N. Herbert Packing Company canneries in Gridley and San Jose, and an olive cannery in Oroville[1].

The company had a plant on Campbell Ave. in San Jose (near Santa Clara border) with a private refrigerated warehouse.

Stokely Van Camp eventually merged into Tri-Valley Growers.


Location Years Address Details
Gridley 1922 Former George N. Herbert Packing Company
Lodi None Formerly Foster and Woods cannery, then Pacific Coast Producers.
Oakland 1937 5625 East 14th Street[2]
Oakland 1937 5901 East 14th Street[3]. As Stokely Brothers.
San Francisco 1922 2200 Folsom St. Former Tamal Packing warehouse.
San Jose 1962, 1970s 1180 Campbell Avenue[4]


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