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Main Location



Schuckl Cannery

Sunnyvale Canneries was an early, Sunnyvale-based canner. The company was founded by George H. Hooke after his sale of the Los Gatos Canneries to Hunt Brothers Packing Company[1]. The Sunnyvale Canneries plant was located at Fair Oaks Ave. and the railroad tracks. The company was sold to Schuckl Cannery in 1925[2]. Schuckl extended the facility, adding a warehouse, cooling plant, day-care, and cottages.

The company was also given permission to sell fresh (green) peaches by the California Peach and Fig Growers in 1921[3].


Location Years Address Details
San Francisco 1920 268 Market Street[4]
Sunnyvale 1907-1925 Fair Oaks Avenue


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