Tri-Valley Growers

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Business Details
Primary Business Cannery



Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1940 449 E. Taylor Street
San Jose 1962 10th and Taylor


Founded in 1932 by George Pfarr, a peach farmer. Bought Armour canning plants in Visalia, Modesto, and San Jose.

Took over "Armour Interests" at some point.

Merged with Turlock Cooperative Growers in 1963.

Took over "failed co-op" [California Canners and Growers] in 1964.

Acquired S&W Fine Foods in 1978.

Took over failed co-op Glorietta (which had owned [Contadina]).

collapsed in mid-2000's.

Sold S&W to Del Monte in January 2001.

Beard (VP at Modesto and Empire) still annoyed at how they messed things up.

Prior to bankruptcy, owned 40% of the fruit processing market. Owned Libby and S&W.