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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

San Jose

1890's - 1948


Airline Food
Ryland Street in 1906, showing Warren, Inderriedden, and Rosenberg dried fruit warehouses

Warren Dried Fruit was a San Jose-based independent dried fruit packer, in existence from the 1890's well into the 1940's. The founder was Harry L. Warren[2].

Warren declared himself as "handling a large part of the dried prunes leaving the valley" in 1894[3]. The company was a drop-off location for the California Cured Fruit Association in 1900[4]. By 1915, Warren had stepped down, appearing in the 1915 San Jose City directory as Vice President for Stanley Paint and Wallpaper Company (San Jose) and president of Occidental Gold Mining Co., living in Saratoga. Fred Schneider was the manager for Warren Dried Fruit.

The company was run by Fred A. Schneider Jr. from at least 1911 to 1930. At that time, the company advertised that "Santa Clara prunes were their specialty[5]. The company's plant almost burned during a fire in September, 1915[6]. The company was a collection station for Sunsweet in their first year of operation[7] The company bought not only from local growers, but also growers as far away as Yolo County[8] and Chico[9]. The company was remembered as run by Schneider past 1930[10].

The company was bought by Airline Food in 1948[11].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1893-1950 100 Ryland Street

Building demolished in 1972.

Warren Dried Fruit In San Jose

All records show that Warren Dried Fruit occupied a packing house on the north side of the railroad yards on Ryland Street throughout its existence.


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