Barron-Gray Packing Company

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Main Location

San Jose


Barron Gray, Grey Baron, Toyon, Santavalley

The Barron-Gray Packing Company was a long-time canner in the San Jose area. Formed in 1922 by Ernest S. Barron and Herbert Gray, the principals bought the the J.F. Pyle Cannery at Fourth and Keyes Street that year. Barron was a recent immigrant, arriving from England in 1915 on the Lusitania[1], and had been the sales manager for the Ainsley Cannery in Campbell. The company was also involved in growing fruit, buying orchards in Lodi area around 1944.

The company was well-known for fruit cocktail, which probably led to its purchase in 1948 by Dole[2]. Barron-Gray had already been doing significant packing for Dole.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1922 - 1948 825 South Fifth Street


Barron-Gray sign still visible on wall.

video of plant in operation from 1950's.

Map of site in 1948


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