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Main Location

San Jose, CA

1933 - 1953


Ainsley Cannery

Hunt Brothers Packing Company, Consolidated Grocers.

The Drew Canning Company was a long-time San Jose-based canner operating from the 1920's through the 1950's. The principal for the company was Fred M. Drew; the superintendent of the Taylor Street plant in 1934 was J.E. Townsend; the secretary for the corporation was L. J. Campodonico. Drew had been manager of the Schuckl Cannery operations in Niles and Sunnyvale in 1928[1].

Drew operated in at least three plants during its lifetime. Drew started off in a former distillery at 400 East Taylor in the 1920's[2]. The plant operated through the depression, receiving some notice when Drew refused to sign on to a peach production limit in 1931[3] In 1934, Drew bought the former Ainsley Cannery in Campbell[4], with the new cannery first processing prunes brought in from Brentwood[5]. In 1936, Drew was fined for selling substandard pear halves[6]. Drew rebuilt the loading dock on the east side of the building in 1936 after a long back-and-forth with the Southern Pacific about liability for the dock[7]. By 1938, the Taylor Street plant no longer appeared in city directories. Drew operated through World War II, placing ads for workers[8].

By 1946, the Campbell cannery was sold to Hunts. Memories on Train Orders agree.

Drew apparently had another plant in Santa Clara. An SP engineering drawing showed Fred M. Drew Canning Co. near Lafayette Street, next to Pacific Can Co. and across a spur track from the Norton Company[9]

Drew Canning was taken over by Consolidated Grocers by 1953[10]; Drew was mentioned as the former president of the United States Products cannery in 1961[11].


Location Years Address Details
Campbell 1934 - 1946 Harrison Ave. Former Ainsley cannery.
San Jose ~1920 - 1934 400 East Taylor 1934 San Jose City directory, draft report.pdf Japantown history
Santa Clara 1952, 1956 - Walsh St. near Lafayette St., next to Pacific Can Company Building permit for steel building for use as warehouse. Completed November 1956.


1946 era ad


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