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F. P. Cutting Company was one of the earliest canners in California. Started in 1859 by Francis Cutting, the cannery on Main Street in San Francisco packed fruit, jams, jellies, tomatoes, and other products. Cutting was canning pears, peaches, and apricots by 1863. Others had been canning in California previously - D. Provost repacked pickles and jams shipped from the east coast, and Erzgarber and Gotzen packed jams and jellies. However, Cutting was the first canning local fruit[1]. By 1872, Cutting could pack 22,000 cans in a single day[2]

Francis Cutting merged into the California Fruit Canners Association in 1899, then into Del Monte in 1916 according to Los Altos Hills history


Location Years Address Details
San Francisco 1901

Cal Dept of Horticulture doc.

San Francisco 1859 Main Street[3].
San Jose 1903, 1906, 1907 Jackson and 7th

Became Del Monte. Construction started in March 1903[4]

Santa Rosa 1901

Cal Dept of Horticulture doc

Santa Ana Became Del Monte Plant #20[5], abandoned by 1960's.


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