Southern California Packing Company

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Main Location

Los Angeles

1881 - 1899

California Fruit Canners Association

The Southern California Packing Company' was a jam and marmalade canner in Southern California incorporated in 1881. The company's principals were A.H. Judson, W.H. Workman, John Mackay Elliot, and J. E. Hollenbeck. The superintendent was J. J. Groom, who claimed to be a former superintendent of the Golden Gate Packing Company, San Jose Packing Company, and Santa Barbara Cannery.

The company's plant was on the east side of the Los Angeles River, along Macy Ave. The cannery sat between the Union Pacific tracks on the river bank and Mission Road[1] The company was merged into the great California Fruit Canners Association in 1899.


Location Years Address Details
Los Angeles Macy and Aliso St. Office and factory[2]
Los Angeles Macy and Anderson St.[3][4]


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