Albert Fischer Can Co

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Can Maker
Main Location

San Jose


"Albert Fisher Canning Company"

The Albert Fischer Can Co was a San Jose-based can maker in existence from 1896 to 1905 at the latest[1]. Alfred. E. Friant was the president in 1896[2].

The company suffered $50,000 in damages during a fire at the Dawson Fruit Packing Company, but $25,000 were supposedly covered by insurance[3].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1893 Cinnabar and Montgomery
San Jose 1896 344 Terraine 1896 San Jose City Directory


  1. Inactive by 1905 according to California list of corporations with forfeited charters
  2. 1896 San Jose City Directory.
  3. The Fire Losses: November 22, 1894 San Jose Evening News.