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Jar Maker
Main Location

San Jose, CA


The Brelle Fruit Jar Company was a jar manufacturer in San Jose around the time of World War I. The company started in Ferndale, California, but moved to San Jose by 1913. The company was gone by 1917 according to city directories, with bottle collectors believing the company disappeared in 1916[1].

Brelle made a patented vacuum jar with glass lid.[2]

The following quotes come from unknown sources:

The Brelle Automatic Sealer Company, whose articles of incorporation were filed Monday, has established headquarters in the Brelle Building at the corner of Main Street and Shaw Avenue, where the inventor and others interested are demonstrating their new Automatic Sealer to many of Ferndale's prominent ladies and gentlemen who unanimously declare that it will revolutionize the process of closing fruit jars... (August 16, 1912)
The Brelle Automatic Sealer Company of Ferndale has received an order for one thousand gross of the glass jar tops and rubber gaskets manufactured under Mr. Brelle's patent... (January 21, 1913)
The new plant to be erected by the Brelle Automatic Sealer Co of Ferndale will be located at San Jose, instead of at Monterey, as was at first intended... (April 18, 1913)
The Brelle Fruit Jar Manufacturing Co of San Jose, CA succeeds the Brelle Automatic Sealer Co of Ferndale, CA... (December 9, 1913)

Brelle himself was living at 510 S. Second Street, San Jose in 1919.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1916 Moorpark and Southern Pacific Railway[3]


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