Richardson and Robbins

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Main Location

San Jose


Hyde-Shaw Company

Shaw Family Cannery

Richardson and Robbins was an east-coast based canner from Dover, Delaware. Richardson and Robbins bought the Hyde-Shaw Company from E. R. Shaw and the Hawaiian Pineapple Company in 1915. Hyde-Shaw was well-known for high quality jams and fruit canned in glass; the Hawaiian Pineapple Company had planned to use the cannery to provide pineapple juice to the mainland, but sold the cannery after only five years.

Shaw was known for "specializing in putting fruits into attractive glass packages... the Hyde-Shaw pack is hand-peeled and comprises the complete list of California fruits, in a wide variety of preserved and packed forms; is double German-processed, and presents a most attractive appearance in sanitary glass jars." Shaw also had quite a history, "[serving] many of the largest packing interests in a consulting capacity, both as efficiency expert and expert in fruit packing"[1]. The merger offered the chance for Richardson and Robbins to expand its product line, and sell its canned meats in glass.

Richardson and Robbins sold the company back to Shaw in April 1918. After 1918, the plant was known as the Shaw Family Cannery.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1917 Patterson near 4th 1917 San Jose City Directory