Bert H. Barthold

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Berthold H. Barthold
Died 1927
Employer Central California Canneries
Occupation Cannery superintendent.

Berthold H. Barthold was a San Jose cannery manager. Born in Germany, Barthold served as the superintendent of the Central California Canneries at 7th and Jackson in San Jose in 1915[1], and was the superintendent for the Herbert Packing Company from 1918 through 1926. He lived at 559 North 16th Street in San Jose for many years. Before coming to San Jose, he was the manager of the Majestic Bottling Works in San Francisco[2].

Bert's brother was Robert M. Barthold, who eventually became chairman of Del Monte.

Bert Barthold died on July 21, 1927 in San Jose, and is buried at Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma[3].


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