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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

Niles, CA

1891 - 1918

Schuckl Cannery

Ellsworth Packing was a Niles, California-based dried fruit packer, probably a successor to the Niles Cooperative Fruit Association listed in an 1893 California Department of Horticulture report. Ellsworth Packing was recorded as a large cherry buyer in the area in 1891[1].

The mentions that Ellsworth Packing in Niles exported fruit to Europe, with news stories in 1913 noting they were shipping carload lots of apricots to Hamburg, Germany[2]. Ellsworth's packing houses was taken over by Schuckl, and the packing house was later leased to the California Prune and Apricot Growers as a receiving station[3], implying there were Sunsweet growers in the Hayward and Niles area.


Location Years Address Details
Niles, California 1893 - 1918


  1. History: Lida Thane's "Notes from Niles," 1890-1894: November 9, 2010 Tri-City Voice. "Harvested fruit had to be marketed and shipped, so shipping depots were opened at the railroad station during the season by San Francisco firms. Ellsworth and Co. were the big shippers and handled most of the cherries. Several new canneries were reported ready for the 1891 season. When prices were down or the crops were poor, farmers were prepared to dry the fruit. William Mortimer shipped a special train of 10 cars of dried fruits and nuts from Niles to Chicago in 1891. This was a new and bold venture that opened up new marketing possibilities."
  2. August 23, 1913 California Fruit Grower magazine
  3. Dried Fruits: May 1917 Western Canner and Packer: "The Ellsworth Packing Company, Niles, has been leased to Schuckle & Co of San Francisco, who will operate the plant as a receiving station for the California Prune and Apricot Growers' Association, and will handle the crops of the members in the Niles vicinity."