Issac Harrison Morse

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Issac Harrison Morse

Issac Harrison Morse was a businessman involved in the early canning businesses in California. Morse appears to have primarily been a businessman, wholesaler, and agent rather than having a connection to the canning process.

Morse was a principal for the King-Morse Canning Company in 1883, as well as secretary for the Packer's Exchange[1]. King-Morse was apparently sold to San Jose Fruit Packing in 1885[2]. In 1886, Morse was both running I.H. Morse & Co, commission merchants (with Charles M. Coon, at 625-627 Front Street in San Fancisco), and also an agent for the San Jose Fruit Packing, with an office at 121 California Street.

Morse later became secretary of the California Fruit Canners' Association when that company acquired King-Morse[3].


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