P. L. Sanguinetti Canning Company

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1907 - 1916

P. L. Sanguinetti Canning Company was a Mountain View-based cannery in existence from around 1907 through 1916. Their Mountain View plant had formerly been the Mountain View Fruit Packing Company[1]; the building was vacant according to 1897 and 1904 Sanborn maps. Sanguinetti was bought by John W. McCarthy and Company of San Francisco in late 1916; McCarthy added two new concrete warehouses to the site[2]. The site would eventually become a California Prune and Apricot Growers packing house.

The company canned apricots, tomatoes, and peaches in 1916 at a rate of 50,000 cans a day.

The namesake, Peter L. Sanguinetti, lived on site in 1908 and 1910[3], with Louis, Bache, and Arthur Sanguinetti helping.


Location Years Address Details
Mountain View 1908 1911, 1918, 1922 Bailey Avenue at Front Street

West side of Bailey (Shoreline Avenue)[4]

Sunnyvale 1907


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