San Jose Canning Company

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Main Location

San Jose

1919 - 1960

"Patricia"[1], "Blue Wing", "Red Pack", "Verona", "Tuttorosso" (all red), Sunnybrae prickly pears, Garden Valley[2]

San Jose Canning Company was a canner with a single plant located on the south side of San Jose. The company was founded in 1919, by Mariano LaBue, Vito LoBue, and Marco Rancadore. The cannery was on Lick Ave. at Humboldt Street in San Jose[3], and also had a twenty-acre field planted with prickly pear. The cannery was bought by California Canners and Growers in 1960, and shut down in 1983. The site is currently the Tamien Caltrain and light rail station.

San Jose Canning was known for its vertical-pack blue lake beans, canned tomatoes, tomato paste and puree, and artichoke hearts, and pepperocini in glass. A lawsuit in 1926 fought for the right to machinery that could better pack green beans[4]. Their distributor in 1946 was Eugene M. O'Neill, located in the Santa Marina Building, 112 Market Street, San Francisco.

The San Jose Canning name was also used in the 1890's by another canner[5].


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1919-1960 1193 Lick Avenue


Photo of string bean field being grown for San Jose Canning, circa 1935. John C. Gordon collection, San Jose Public Library.


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