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Main Location

San Leandro


H.G. Prince

San Leandro Canning Company was an Alameda County canner organized in 1920[1]. The company reincorporated in September 1920 to double the size of the plant[2][3]. The company canned cherries, apricots, pears, peaches, plums, grapes, spinach, asparagus, and tomatoes. L. Perillo was the manager, and had formerly been the superintendent of the Del Monte San Leandro plant[4].

The company was in financial straits in late 1922, with R. E. Cotter & Company, a creditor, filing a petition on September 2, 1922 to declare the company bankrupt[5]. The company was bought by H.G. Prince in 1922[6]. California Fruit News noted that the cannery was sold for indebtedness, and that some shareholders were not happy[7].

Stockholders apparently were displeased with the company's performance; the directors were sued in November 1923[8]:

Slx prominent San Leandro business men. directors of the San Leandro Canning Company, Inc.. are named as defendants In a suit brought in the Superior Court today by stockholders of the company to compel the directors to return $115,000. which the plaintiffs allege the directors owe the stockholders because of false and fraudulent stock manipulation. The suit also asks an accounting of the business. The defendants are the San Leandro Canning Company, Inc,, and L. Perlllo, J. B. Faust, A. E. Pelton. L. J. Toffelmler, J. C. Toftelmier and A. Fellzianetty. The stockholderr who are plaintiffs to the suit are George A, Edgar. H. H. Iveraon. N. A. McGonaghy. Dora L. McGonaghy. Joseph Flores. Mae Flores, T. Sullivan, J. F. Brewls and M. F. Brewls. The complaint avers the directors entered Into a conspiracy, setting up the value of ths holdings of the company at $135,000, when In reality they were only worth $20,000, and that stock was Issued on this fictitious value of the property and had In reality no value.

The plant eventually became a Del Monte plant after H.G. Prince's purchase.


Location Years Address Details
San Leandro 1921


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