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Frozen Food Packer
Main Location

Santa Cruz

The Birdseye brand of General Foods packed frozen foods in Santa Cruz and Watsonville in the 20th century. General Foods first opened a plant in Santa Cruz in 1948, initially to pack brussell sprouts, borrowing space from the Santa Cruz Artichoke and Sprout Growers Association[1]. By 1956, the company had 48,000 square feet of factory and 450 employees at harvest season packing spinach, sprouts, broccoli, lima beans, and strawberries[2]. The packing housed complex would occasionally use a portable ice crusher to pre-ice refrigerator cars.

The Santa Cruz site was redeveloped for retail in 2002. The Watsonville site was finally shut down in 2006[3].


Location Years Address Details
Santa Cruz 1962 320 Ingalls Street Corner of Fair
Watsonville -2006 Harvest Dr.


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