California Dried Fruit Association

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Marketing cooperative

The California Dried Fruit Assocation was an early organization for dried fruit producers and dealers, founded in 1888[1], founded "for mutual protection". The organization was founded with $250,000 in capital stock; orchardists could buy one share per acre of owned land, and dealers at most could own 200 shares. The organization was modeled on the California Fruit Union by-laws.

Founding members included H. Weinstock of Sacramento (of Weinstock and Lubin), A.T. Hatch of Suisun, A. J. W. Cassidy of Petaluma, J. J. Shaner of Los Gatos, A. Lusk & Co, John T. Cutting Company, Dr. John Hastings of Fresno, Judge William C. Blackwood of Haywards, W.R. Cole of Centerville, Gilbert Tomkins of San Leandro, H. L. Gibbs of Calistoga, J. H. Flickinger of San Jose, H. C. Morrell, J. K. Armsby, and John Rock of San Jose.