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Main Location

San Jose

The Chevy Chase Company was a fruit canner in San Jose, founded by E.E. Chase Jr. and Harry Denhart. E. E. Chase Jr. was the son of Elmer Chase, the founder of Richmond Chase. The company billed itself as producing "canned fruits, tomato and prune juices, fruit nectar"[1].

The company was sold to San Jose Packing Company (new company for assets) in May, 1946[2]. The land remained with Chase, and a 1947 city directory still lists the company as Chevy Chase[3]. The 1949 city directory also lists the company as Chevy Chase, but strikes Chase's name and lists Denhart as manager.

The former buildings burned in a fire on January 9, 2014[4].

The company may eventually have been taken over by Red Wing Company, a jam maker, which was eventually folded into the store brand producer Carriage House Companies[5][6][7]. (Perhaps brought in via National Preserve purchase in 1997[8]).


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1946 1325 East Julian St. Also 28th and Julian or 28th and McKee.


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