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Main Location

San Jose

Dee-Hi Food Products Company was a fruit dryer near Campbell, California that existed in the early 1920's.

The company first appeared in 1922 with plans to build a new plant on a five acre site on Union Ave at the Southern Pacific / former South Pacific Coast Almaden branch[1]. A. P. Marston was the chairman of the board; A. G. Col, a wholesale fruit merchant, was general manager and director, and John I. Bujan, a banker at the Growers Bank of San Jose[2], was director[3]. A. G. Col was named the general manager, with John I. Bujan as sales director. Col had been running the A. G. Col Company, which "grew to be the largest wholesale green fruit and produce house in the Santa Clara valley". R. W. Crary had been listed as the head of sales previously[4]. Plans were to build a large dehydrating plant and packing house capable of handling 100 tons of fruit a day[5]. R.W. King would manage the facility: "Mr King is regarded by many as the greatest dehydrating expert in the United States." Construction started in January 1923, with bids placed for the buildings.

The company apparently was trying to sell mechanical drying services to farmers so they could produce better fruit than sun-drying, and avoid risk from rain[6].

The company also shows up in patent lawsuit searches for Dee Hi.


Location Years Address Details
San Jose 1922 Union Avenue and Southern Pacific Railroad.


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