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Main Location

San Francisco

Comet, Crescent.
F. E. Booth, Centerville, 1926.[1]

F. E. Booth was a canning company started by Frank E. Booth in 1895. The company had fish, fruit, and vegetable canneries in California. The company initially canned sardines in Monterey[2]. Booth was the first to mechanize the canning project, and first to hire Sicilian fishermen[3]. Frank was the son of Robert Booth, "president of the Sacramento River Packers"[4].

Booth's cannery in Centerville, California primarily canned tomatoes and fruit juices[5]. The cannery was started in 1917[6], with its plant about two miles northeast of Newark on the Western Pacific Railroad[7]. The company also had a plant at Pittsburg, California[8]

In 1920, F. E. Booth was president and general manager, M. S. Eisner, vice president, J. G. Jessie, secretary[9]

The company lasted into the 1930's as a tomato canner[10]. The cannery building itself burned in November 1959.


Location Years Address Details
Centerville 1920
Monterey 1920 Fish cannery
Pittsburg 1920
Reedsport, Oregon 1920 Likely fish cannery?
San Francisco 1920 110 Market Street Head office.


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