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California Canners and Growers

Filice and Perelli was a Northern California canner, in existence from 1913 to 1958. The company started in 1913 in an orchard on Orphans Home Avenue in Gilroy. In its first year, the company canned 20,000 cases of tomatoes. By 1915, the company had grown enough to lease the Bisceglia Brothers cannery in Gilroy. By 1921, they were doing well, with a trade magazine declaring Filice and Perelli was one of the few canneries having a normal season that year[1].

In 1929, the company moved its operations to the Parr Terminal in Richmond, California, cutting their costs for shipping[2]. The Richmond plant was a relocation of a leased plant the company had operated in San Jose from 1924 to 1929; the San Jose plant had been

In 1958, the company was merged into the California Canners and Growers cooperative.


Location Years Address Details
Gilroy 1913-1915 Orphans Home Ave.
Gilroy 1915- Former Bisceglia Brothers
Richmond 1200 Harbor Way
San Jose 1924-1929 South First Street Bisceglia Brothers plant?


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