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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

San Francisco


Bon Ton brand[1]

Garcia and Maggini was a fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, and honey processor in San Francisco, operating from at least 1895[2]. Garcia and Maggini also sold almonds[3] and dried apples[4], and evaporated milk[5]. In 1919, the company sold one million pounds of fruit to the U.S. Government[6]. The company had a warehouse at 128 and 136 King Street, famous as the site of a violent clash during the Maritime Strike of 1934[7].

Garcia and Maggini bought the Castle Brothers packing houses in 1919[8]. Garcia and Maggini was also incorporated in Delaware on April 19, 1923[9]. By 1934, the company was reported as not paying taxes in Delaware[10].


Location Years Address Details
Gold Ridge 1918[11]
San Francisco 1919 128, 136 King St.
San Francisco 1912 306-318 Drumm St. Burned in 1912[12]
Sebastopol Petaluma Ave. at Abbott Ave.[13]
Watsonville 1920 Kearney St.[14]


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