Harry L. Warren

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Harry L. Warren
Died December 22, 1920
San Jose, California
Employer Warren Dried Fruit Packing, State of California
Occupation Dried fruit packers, assistant state purchasing agent.

Harry L. Warren was a prominent dried fruit packer in the San Jose area, and responsible for founding Warren Dried Fruit Packing. Warren was already a prominent packer by 1894 when he testified to Congress over tariff issues[1].

Warren apparently sold or handed off his company before 1908[2] That year, Warren is listed as a vice-president of Stanley Paint and Wallpaper, and president of Occidental Gold Mining Co. Occidental may have been a mine in Placer County near Iowa Hill which was privately held[3]

During Hiram Johnson's term as governor (1911-1917), Warren was appointed an assistant state purchasing officer.

Warren died on December 21, 1920 in Saratoga[4][5]. His only living relation at the time was a sister.


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