Henry E. Losse

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Henry E. Losse
Employer A.C. Kuhn & Company, H.E. Losse and Company,
Occupation Dried fruit packer

Henry E. Losse was a dried fruit packer in San Jose and Santa Clara. Losse came to San Jose in 1889 to buy prunes and dried fruit for his Indianapolis-based wholesale grocery run with A.C. Kuhn and Larger. He found San Jose so pleasant that he decided to move to California, and encouraged his partners to follow. All three grocers came to California and built a packing house on Ryland Street near the Southern Pacific Market Street station[1]. Losse retired from the company in 1906[2]

Losse's packing house burned in 1911; the company moved operations to their Santa Clara branch. The company sold out to Rosenberg Brothers in 1917.

Losse was also an investor in the Vendome Hotel, owned the Delmas Ranch near Sunnyvale, and also owned 1100 acres near Visalia.

H. E. Losse died in 1918[3]


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