L. G. Sresovich

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Dried Fruit Packer
Main Location

San Jose


L. G. Sresovich was a dried fruit packer based in San Francisco. The company billed themselves as "the oldest shipping house in San Francisco... doing extensive business throughout the state."[1] The company had a packing plant in San Jose, located on San Pedro Street just south of the Market Street train station. The site appears on both 1884 and 1891 Sanborn maps.

Sresovich had formerly run a business known as Sresovich, Gray, and Company, with J. M. Gray and R. Levy. The company was dissolved in January 1885, and transferred to the third partner, R. Levy[2]. The company had operations in San Francisco, San Jose, Watsonville, Soquel, and Santa Cruz.

1884 Sanborn map shows one story building. On 1884 Sanborn map. Fruit dry house on Market Street behind. 1891 Sanborn map shows company owing property all the way back, with a collection of 1 and 1.5 story buildings. Drying might have been done on-site - north edge of property listed as "drying crates".


Location Years Address Details
San Francisco 1890 505-507 Sansome[3]. San Francisco 1898 519-521 Sansome[4]
San Jose 1884, 1891 San Pedro Street south of Bassett Street


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